Precision Sheet Products welders operate to a high quality standard.


Precision Sheet Products offers both manual TIG and MIG Welding services as part of its precision sheet metal fabrication service. We offer welding capabilities to the highest standard in the following materials; mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Benefits of TIG and MIG Welding Services

  • High Quality Welds produced faster
  • Since a flux is not used, there is no chance for entrapment of slag in the weld metal
  • MIG Welding is versatile and can be used for a variety of metals
  • MIG Welding can be operated in several ways, including semi or fully automatic
  • TIG Welding allows you to control the temperature of the weld puddle giving a precise weld bead control
  • No Sparks or Spatter

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Quality Control

We are fully aware of the importance to make sure everything is perfect before it leaves the factory. We have a team in-place whereby every product is checked and measured to make sure all is perfect before it is boxed and packaged up.

Quality Assurance