CNC Folding is important in finalising the perfect sheet metal product.

Precision Sheet Products currently operates two Safan Brake Press  machines capable of up to 80 tons in folding capacity. We also have a full range of press brake tooling available to enable us to acheive over 95% of common sheet metal folding.  If your products require special tooling this can also be sourced.

Benefits of Using Precision Sheet Products for Sheet Metal CNC Folding

  • High Quality Products with the perfect bend
  • Two Similar Machines, therefore can produce double the workload at a faster rate
  • Skilled employees dully trained to operate the Brake Presses
  • Wide range of tools avaliable for almost every job!
  • Possible to save previous Jobs, therefore creating the perfect product every time.

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Quality Control

We are fully aware of the importance to make sure everything is perfect before it leaves the factory. We have a team in-place whereby every product is checked and measured to make sure all is perfect before it is boxed and packaged up.

Quality Assurance