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Precision Sheet Products provide a professional, high quality sheet metal fabrication service around the South East of England

Precision Sheet Products have over 20 years experience in sheet metal engineering and we constantly strive to be the best sheet metal fabrication company around. We have an excellent reputation for bespoke work and customer services records. We use CAD Design software to map out your design from start to finish whether any folds need to be in place or welding needs to be completed, we make sure you are 100% happy with the work we complete.

Tru Punch

We have a range of different machines in the factory, ranging from CNC machines to folding machines. We currently operate a new TruPunch 1000 machine with all the added features. We believe having a quality punching machine is key to quality sheet fabrication.

Start to finish, we offer the very best in Punching, Folding and Welding Services

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We understand that Sheet Metal engineering has to be done to perfection, we Operate a very high-class TruPunch Machine and know we offer the highest of standards.

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The machines we operate for folding are ‘Safan’s’. We believe the machines we operate are of very high standard as folding is key to a perfect product

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Welding is a lost art that sometimes people underestimate. We hire the best welders around the south east of England to produce perfection.

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